Public Relations

I am currently a senior majoring in public relations at the University of Alabama. My specialization lies in technological and digital communication management and has provided me with social media management, digital insights and communication research expertise. I was selected for academic distinction in public relations all three years of my undergraduate studies and have valuable career experience in a number of public relations positions. I will complete a Bachelor of Arts in Communication in December 2016 and will intern abroad the following spring in Spain and Italy under the direction of CIS Abroad and Performing Arts Abroad.

I already possess through my extensive background in a dance education, an advanced understanding of professionalism and discipline that provides focus and direction to all my tasks. My involvement in the arts keeps me curious and facilitates creativity that offers a fresh perspective when problem solving and strategizing transferable to the diverse and always evolving communications industry.

Throughout my journey as a student at the University of Alabama, I have found that my strengths lie in writing, social media management and insight


Kendall Niblett Photography

s including communications research, as well as maintaining meaningful client relationships. I have proficiency in all Microsoft Office Platforms and the Adobe Creative Suite applications Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator as well as literacy in Spanish as a second language.

I have included below an updated copy of my public relations resume as a pdf. This document will open on any computer in another tab on the chosen browser.

Current Resume


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